Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sending Message from ESB Toolkit 2.0 to HTTP site

For all those who may be pulling their hair how to configure HTTP send adapter using ESB toolkit you can start off with WCF-Custom and configure following properties

  • Transport Name: WCF-Custom

  • Transport Location: URI of the HTTP site e.g. http://localhost/HTTPReceive/BTSHTTPReceive.dll?POST

  • Action: Can be a valid URI like http://HTTPPost/Post

  • EndPoint Configuration should have following settings
    - BindingConfiguration= < name="custombinding">< messageversion="None">< manualaddressing="false">< /binding >&BindingType=customBinding

BindingConfiguration gave me most pain (and few less hair), custombinding part is no brainer but httpTransport manualaddressing="false" is required to stop BizTalk from bombing out with 'Manual addressing is enabled' exception in the event log and textMessageEncoding is required to post just the XML message without the SOAP envelope inlcuding by the default setting of this . Got this tip from this posting by Adrian Lopez

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